Thank You Propals!

Week 15 of Propel, I have completed three of the four songs for my EP. I am working on the last song of my EP. Together, the project will look like a well crafted EP on SoundCloud. Consisting of two lo-fi hip-hop and rap songs. This project will help me to reflect on the producing skills I’ve improved on.

To learn more about my project, click this link:

Before I sign off with this last blog, I’d like to say being in Propel was a wild ride! From the Escape Rooms, recording funny rap verses in the music studio, and dancing to my music in class, it was a fun experience. I’d like to thank Mr. Patrician and Mr. Hansen for the opportunity to share my music and presence. For the “Propals,” I really had fun meeting all of you, hope we can keep in touch in the future. This amazing experience will be in my memory book.

Thank You,

Ethan de Lima


Ethan’s Project Progress

As seen here, this is a Gantt Chart or Timeline. It is a type of chart that shows a projects schedule. In the red text (on the left) are the milestones and in blue text (on the left) are the action steps. When you log in the action steps you’ve completed, the blue bar fills in. This indicates you’ve progressed in your project. The red numbers on the top tell you the project day.

This is what my timeline looks like. To contain a balanced schedule, I gave myself two weeks to complete each song. My project includes five milestones. Two lo-fi hip-hop tracks, two rap tracks, and uploading the tracks to Soundcloud. My action steps include tasks like recording instruments, recording vocals, mixing the song, and testing sound quality.

As of right now, I’m currently on track with my project. I know this because the orange line is touching the blue bar on milestone #3. Being on track made me realize I’m efficient with the timeline.

In the next four weeks of my project work, I’ll be producing a lo-fi hip-hop and rap song. Then I’ll share my four-track EP to the public.

The Breakdown

My project for Propel is an EP aka an extended play. I broke my project into five stages. The first stage of my project I’m creating a lo-fi hip-hop track, the second and fourth stage I’m producing a rap track and the third stage I’m arranging a guitar track, The final stage is to master / edit the songs and upload to Soundcloud.

I’ve decided to break my project into these five stages so I can focus on one genre at a time and so I don’t create too many tracks in a single day. With the genre, I have to be in the mindset or mood of the song so I can feel the song inject me with emotion and feelings.

In the next few weeks, I plan to start a rap and guitar track. I start my tracks with a purpose or a story. I want my song to have a purpose, not some random rap song with no context. After that, I would experiment with the track and find a melody or drum track as the basis of the track. Then I would add the rest of the vocals, effects, instruments, mastering, and final touches.

POC Review + Project Overview

What i did for my POC was a rap single. The purpose of a POC is to prove you have the skills to do what you want to create in Propel so you can succeed. I showed the teachers and classmates in Propel that i can create a rap single with a guitar. I felt like I didn’t learn anything because I lacked the creativity and resources. The song didn’t sound professional or grammy worthy. I hope to make a beat that is ear catching and lit. My project in the final days will look like an EP or extended play, consisting of my favourite genres such as rap, lofi hiphop, and guitar. I hope it gets at least 1k plays ok soundcloud.I need to get creative and go to the next level.

Impressions of my First Two Weeks at Propel

After Two Weeks of Propel, I have to say that I love it here. When I came to the first day of Propel, I didn’t interact with my classmates because I was shy and nervous. I locked myself in the studio room and played guitar while others were out and about. When we went to the “Escape Room”, I thought that we bonded more. We worked together by solving puzzles and communicating. Everyone had a different skill-set when it came to the “Escape room”. This event helped me feel more comfortable with the Propel group. The bus ride back to school. Everyone was saying how fun, scary, or interesting their trials in the rooms were. Now it’s the second week and I have made many friends.

I like making new music every day. When I made a beat on Garageband, a few of the “Propals” recorded a verse and added it to the track. It’s fun to make songs with funny lyrics and catchy melodies with my friends. I also enjoy playing guitar for my classmates. When I play a tune, they would listen with joy. Playing guitar for people makes me happy.

Phys. Ed was a blast for the first two weeks! The first activity I participated in was “Winter Activities”. It was cold but I enjoyed every single bit of it. We participated in activities such as Snowshoeing, Road Hockey, Cross Country Skiing, Ice Skating, and Frolf. Mr.Day is the Phys. Ed teacher at Nelson Mac and he’s the one that makes Phys. Ed fun and comfortable.

The thing that irritated me the most for two weeks and counting is waking up early. Hearing the “Radar” alarm on my IPhone at 7:00, eyes still half closed, not wanting to come out of bed because the sheets are warm. When I went to J.H. Bruns Collegiate, I had two spares so my body was used to sleeping in at 9 o’clock every morning.

The next level to my project is going to be to find originality and uniqueness. I want my ideas to be different from the rest of the people in Propel. Then I’ll take those ideas and input them into Garageband and experiment.